Bedroom Loft

Pinterest is my new obsession. But unlike other obsessions, this one gets things done! This was our first major Pinterest inspired project. It helps that I can paint and my husband can build things. I found all of these ideas on pinterest and went to work.

We built a loft/platform with a railing. And a staircase. I was worried about the girls going up and down a ladder. We tried putting in a slide, but there wasn’t enough room. I was really hoping for a slide…maybe in the next house. I painted the whole thing white, with a distressed look. That wasn’t my original plan but the paint really soaked into the wood and I am lazy and didn’t want to paint three or four coats of white paint. I sanded some spots to let the wood show through. I think it really works with the tree house type theme.

Then I painted some art on the walls…..trees, to go along with the tree house look. I freehanded these from examples I found on Pinterest. Look at my owls!

I cut out butterflies from glitter scrapbook paper and attached them to the walls with pins.

I added these plastic window boxes because I was paranoid the girls would fall over the railing. I don’t think that would really happen, but you can’t be too safe. And they actually look cute with the tree house theme. I painted them in a distressed way to match the rest of the loft and made paper flowers on lollipop sticks.

Under the loft is a reading nook and a desk.

It turned out really cute. We started out with a twin and a toddler mattress up there but the girls want to sleep together (my youngest is a cuddler) so we recently bought a full mattress, which is working out great.

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  1. 1

    What a beautiful space!

  2. 2

    LOVE THIS!!! The Hubby and I are thinking about doing something like this for our daughter but we can’t agree on a height! How tall is yours?

    • 3
      Lily Bloom says:

      Thank you! It is 58″ from the floor to the floor of the platform. We bought a thin double mattress (about 8″ thick) to put up there. I wanted it a little shorter, maybe by 6 inches”, but my husband didn’t pay close enough attention to my measurements! It’s actually working out great. I can sit up there on the bed without hitting my head, and my girls should be able to walk under the loft without having to duck for several more years. Good luck with yours!

  3. 4

    This is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!

    Not just the bed, but also all the artwork on the walls. You did an incredible job.

  4. 6

    That is a dream loft! So beautiful, I want one ;-D. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 7

    Do you happen to have a parts list for this project? My husband and I have been thinking about doing something similar for our girls!

  6. 8
    Ashley Riggs says:

    Love this idea !! What are the exact dimensions all the way around? I hate asking you this but before I pitch the idea to my husband I want to have all the facts to see if it will even fit into my daughters room.

    Thanks for your help and for putting your ideas out there !

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