Salad Pizza

I threw together a pizza today using what I had in my kitchen and it is to die for! I’m in love! I bought a package of rice tortillas that were too chewy for burritos but I thought they’d be perfect for pizza crusts, and they were.

I made a sauce in my new Vitamix (the BEST kitchen appliance ever!) I used:

  • a jar of roaster red peppers
  • a can of chick peas
  • some nutritional yeast, just sprinkle some in
  • Garlic, salt, pepper, whatever spices you like

Blend it all in a food processor/blender. Spread onto the tortillas and sprinkle with some parmesan cheese, or not. I used a little. I added some sliced yellow tomatoes. (I would’ve added more veggies but I knew my kids would complain.) Bake in the oven at about 400 until it gets crispy around the edges. You might want to bake the tortillas for a few minutes BEFORE you add any toppings so it gets crispy in the center. My first one was a little soggy in the center, but still good.

When it’s finished, add some sprouts (I used broccoli sprouts) and homemade ranch dressing…yumm!! I folded my slice over and ate it like a little sandwich. You could make this on regular tortillas, pizza crust, flatbread…whatever. The thing that makes it different is the sprouts and ranch. You could use lettuce too. I’m going to make more right now…

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    Shannon says:

    YUM!! This looks heavenly and so easy. Your blog looks fabulous too!!! ;-)

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